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Healthcare Staffing Solutions

Hours of Operation:

Monday - Friday,
9:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m.

10:00 a.m.-1:00 p.m.

CRC can boast of a large client base of medical and healthcare both in UK and internationally. We recruit from the UK and the rest of the world by adhering to strict recruitment and employment policies. Our Career support managers ensures that the paperwork that accompanies each clinical staff is comprehensive, verified as accurate and current. 

We are a major supplier of Healthcare workers to Medical agencies, Individual hospitals, Private hospitals, Large NHS trust and corporate organisations. 

At CRC, our staff are well trained and they have the experience to easily fit into an already existing team at any establishment (Private or NHS). They will become part of the already existing staff whilst still employed by CRC. Our clinical staff are available 24/7 including bank holidays and weekend offering on call services in order to attend to urgent staffing needs of our clients.

We can be contracted to staff a whole department with AHP and Medical officers with varying specialist skills and disciplines. It is a major requirement that our employees have the experience, qualifications and registrations necessary to carry out the role.

Our Career Support Managers are employed as clinical support staff to ensure the services provided by CRC to our clients runs effectively. They are the administrative arm of CRC and they make regular contact with our clinical staff and Clients via emails and telephone. We work closely with our clinical staff and clients (Private and Government) by receiving regular feedbacks to improve our services.

Contact our healthcare recruitment team now, in Birmingham, West Midlands, to assist with your search for healthcare professionals.