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Staff Recruitment

Hours of Operation:

Monday - Friday,
9:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m.

10:00 a.m.-1:00 p.m.

CRC-UK is a leading recruitment firm Based in England UK since 2011 which sources for Doctors, Nurses, Allied Health Professionals from all over the world. We run a recruitment company which recruits healthcare staff for the UK. We work with other recruiting agencies in UK to provide temporary and permanent staffing solutions across the UK to both private and public sector. CRC Healthcare staff are recruited by its own dedicated team from CRC UK Ltd.

Chila Resourcing Consultancy are happy to help medical professionals from all over the world who want to further their skills by securing a job in the UK with CRC Healthcare. English language is a major requirement for staff intending to work with CRC healthcare is a major requirement that our staff can communicate fluently in English. A preliminary assessment is carried out formally and informally during the application process. An English test may be required by professionals that are from non-English speaking countries.

It is important that CRC healthcare professionals maintain high standard of Medical professionalism hence we adhere to a strict recruitment process which involves thorough documentation, reference check and criminal record check.

Our staff are required to successfully complete a training and induction package at any of our client facilities in the UK. It involves shadowing an already existing staff or appointed staff at a local hospital and going through an induction package. The induction package is thoroughly assessed and must be passed before commencing any new duty and it is an assurance for our that our employees are prepared for the possible challenges they might encounter.

We require the following documentation from our new starters:

  • Full current CV
  • 2 verified clinical references
  • Qualification Certificates
  • Evidence of GMC, NMC, HCPC registration
  • Cannulation Certificate
  • ALS certification
  • Occupational Health clearance 
  • DBS statement (Home country and UK)

Contact our healthcare recruitment team now, in Birmingham, West Midlands, to assist with your search for healthcare professionals.