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Gain Experience from a Medical Placement in Birmingham, West Midlands

Most jobs within the medical sector request that candidates have previous experience in the role, but many wonder how they can get experience if they are not considered for a job. Medical placements and work experience opportunities are the answer. At Chila Resourcing Consultancy, in Birmingham, West Midlands, we help students secure work placements within the industry, filling roles in hospitals, general practices, and medical science facilities.

Qualifying for a Placement

Placements are not easy to secure in the medical industry, and applicants must pass certain criteria in order to be eligible. The most significant requirement is that a candidate must be an ongoing student in the relevant medical area, whether they are in their first year of medical school or their final year of university.

Finding the Perfect Placement

Chila Resourcing Consultancy is happy to find placements for both UK-based and international students. Prior to starting the search, we conduct a consultation with the client to assess what they want to get out of the placement, what their goals are, and if they have any particular preferences. We will also take note of their current level of experience, as this will help guide us towards the placement that is most suitable for them. Once a placement has been chosen, we make arrangements for the candidate, including booking their flights and accommodation, picking them up from the airport, and taking them to their hotel.

After the Placement

To secure a full-time job in the medical industry, a candidate is usually required to possess the necessary qualifications as well as having experience. After completing the placement, you will have gained the experience. Upon the successful completion of your studies, get back in touch with Chila Resourcing Consultancy, and we will help you find your dream medical job.

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